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Card Games


Strategy card game, 2-4 players, 20 minutes
Published by Z-Man Games
Arboretum is a strategy card game for 2-4 players aged 10 and up that plays in about 25 minutes. Players try to have the most points at the end of the game by creating beautiful garden paths for their visitors.

The deck has 80 cards in 10 different colors, each featuring a different species of tree. Each color has cards numbered 1 through 8. On each turn, a player draws 2 cards, lays a card on the table as part of her arboretum, and then discards a card. When the deck is exhausted, players compare the cards that remain in their hands to determine who can score each color.

It’s a unique take on familiar mechanics including set collection, tile laying and hand management, wrapped in a fresh and broadly appealing theme. Playtesters have commented that it’s fun to watch your arboretum grow organically over the course of play, and they love how everyone can take a different approach to planting their gardens. It’s a game that keeps you guessing as to the outcome right up to the end, simple enough for kids, yet subtle enough to keep adults come back again and again.

Cavemen: The Quest for Fire

Strategy card game, 2-5 players, 1 hour
Published by Rio Grande Games
Cavemen is a card-drafting game where players take the role of tribal leaders.

The tribes compete for opportunities to hunt dinosaurs, recruit tribesmen, and discover new technologies, vying to be the first with enough knowledge and prestige to invent Fire.

It’s easy to learn, supports 2-5 players and has a playing time of about 45 minutes. As such, it’s perfect for a gaming group, a family or a couple.

The game features 21 different inventions that allow for players to evolve diverse strategies, capitalizing on their tribe’s individual strengths. There are challenging decisions every turn as players must evaluate what resources are available, guess what their opponents will do, and weigh the amount of risk they’re willing to take. Its theme and mechanics are tightly interwoven, delivering a taut and coherent game experience that’s highly competitive without direct antagonism.

And best of all, with 27 different dinosaurs, 5 different kinds of cavemen, and limitless possibilities for new cards, this is a versatile platform for expansions and variants later on. In short, Cavemen is a fun, innovative take on civilization-building that appeals to a wide range of gamers, offering a fresh and unique challenge every time you play.

Flash Games


Watch each series of numbers and echo them in reverse order using your numeric keypad. If you make a mistake, you lose points, but you still have to finish the sequence as best you can. Make a mistake on any sequence and get a strike. Three strikes on one level and it’s game over.


Space Avenger

They wiped out his people. All of mankind. Hope was truly lost: his race would die with him. And so one man made a decision in the name of all men who ever were: If mankind were to die, it would die taking vengeance.

SPACE AVENGER is a tale of a desperate fight against unwinnable odds. They will never stop coming until you are destroyed. The only question is: how many will you take with you?


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  2. Just saw your “Blood of an Englishman” and think this is an awesome game… would love a PNP file

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