If mankind were to die, it would die taking vengeance.

Space Avenger

They wiped out his people. All of mankind. Hope was truly lost: his race would die with him. And so one man made a decision in the name of all men who ever were: If mankind were to die, it would die taking vengeance.

SPACE AVENGER is a tale of a desperate fight against unwinnable odds. They will never stop coming until you are destroyed. The only question is: how many will you take with you?

  • Fight plasma bolt-throwing Gunships, deadly Hunters, rapid-firing Marauders and powerful, armored Dreadnaughts
  • Use special abilities like Plasma Beam, Scatter Shot, Teleportation and Ghost Mode.
  • Upgrade your ship’s Speed, Maneuverability, Fire Rate, Armor, Recharge Rate and Recharge Capacity.
  • Get extra play time with heals and extra lives.

Click inside the game below then press any key to begin

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Keyboard Controls:

  • Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the Avenger.
  • Use the SPACE BAR to fire.
  • Use CTRL to activate special abilities.
  • Use Page Up and Page Down to cycle through available abilities
  • Use P to pause.

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In Spectacular 177, it is Peter Parker’s turn to get Corona virus.