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He’s a cruel demon and he was the chief executor of the decrees made by demons in hell. It has been associated with sins that are passed down from father to son. In origins, Alastor was a mortal, son of Neleo, king of Pilo. He became a demon after he and his brother killed Eracle. In ancient times “ Alastors” was the word for evil spirits and for Romans, the word “ Alastor” was the name of the evil genius of the house and in Greek it literally means “he who does not forget”, so it can be translated as “ avenging god” or “ avenging deity”. For them it was an evil spirit of vengeance associated with Nemesis, the goddess who distribute justice. In the Dictionnaire Infernal is written that he’s the “executioner” and often he’s described as Hell’s Commissioner of Public Works and an infernal judge.

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