Thank you so much for helping me make the game great!

The Blood of an Englishman Playtest 2016

Do you want a free copy of The Blood of an Englishman to play for 30 days? Promise to play the game at least two times with the same two people, and I’ll send you a copy with a prepaid return envelope within 30 days.

Plus, the top two players who participate in the largest number of recorded games will each receive a signed copy of Arboretum at the conclusion of the event!

I am trying to gather accurate statistics about the game’s balance, so please read everything here to make sure your games contribute in the right way. And if you decide you’d like to participate, here’s what I’d like you to do:

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Simply provide your full name, email, and mailing address. You will get a confirmation email and then I will mail a playtesting kit.

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Play at least TWO games in a sitting with the SAME two players alternating sides. Then record the result of each play.


If you’re done with the game or it’s been 30 days, use the provided postage-paid envelope to send the game back to me. If you’ve lost the envelope and need the address, contact me.

Provide general feedback

Once you’ve played the game a few times, please consider giving me your general feedback about the game. This is optional, but it helps to find out what people think!

Click here to download the latest RULES PDF.

Thanks once again for your time and please JOIN MY MAILING LIST if you’d like to register for future playtesting events for this and other games.

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