Thanks for playing The Blood of an Englishman at Unpub 6!

The Blood of an Englishman Playtesting at Unpub 6

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Do you want a free copy of The Blood of an Englishman to play for 30 days? Promise to play the game at least two times with the same two people, and I’ll send you a copy with a prepaid return envelope within 30 days.

Plus, the top two players who participate in the largest number of recorded games will each receive a signed copy of Arboretum at the conclusion of the event!

I am trying to gather accurate statistics about the game’s balance, so please read everything here to make sure your games contribute in the right way. And if you decide you’d like to participate, here’s what I’d like you to do:


Use the first button above labeled “Register for a Playtest Kit”(or this link) to register as a playtester. You will get a confirmation email and then I will mail a playtesting kit to the address you specify.


Find people to play with and play at least TWO games in a sitting with the SAME two players alternating play as both Jack and the Giant at least ONCE EACH. Alternating roles allows me to get a better feel of whether player skill or role imbalance contributed to a victory. If you can play with more people, great.  Many games with the same two opponents switching roles each game are even better!


Use the second button above labeled “Record Playtest Results” (or this link) to record each game’s outcome. The survey will open in a separate window. Please submit a separate survey for each game that was played and please use the same name on all submissions to indicate the same player. Optional opinion questions should only be answered once.


If you’re done playing the game or it’s been 30 days, please use the supplied postage-paid envelope to send the game back to me so I can send it on to the next playtester.

If you have any rules questions, logistics issues, complaints or concerns of any kind, please get in touch and I’ll try to help.

Click here to download the latest RULES PDF.

Thanks once again for your time and please JOIN MY MAILING LIST if you’d like to register for future playtesting events for this and other games.