Why the "double hunt" rule was ultimately dropped from Cavemen: The Quest for Fire

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The “Double Hunt” Rule

Posted by admin on April 9th, 2013 at 8:34 pm

Friend and playtester Mark Salzwedel wrote that he was surprised to have learned that a particular rule was dropped from the final design: something I called the “Double Hunt Rule”.

The Double Hunt Rule was that if your Tribe’s Hunting score was at least twice that required to hunt a Beast, then you would not need to draw for casualties. The idea being that if your hunting prowess as a Tribe increases to a certain point, you no longer have to worry about the little critters.

This is the sort of rule that was hard to let go of. It made sense from a certain point of view. But ultimately I chose to drop it.

One reason I chose to drop that rule is because I truly think that the number of actual plays it will affect in any given game should be quite small. I think that if a player is making optimal decisions, he should not be hunting very much later in the game. But more importantly, I never wanted hunting to feel safe under base conditions. Without a technological advantage of some kind (e.g. the Bow and Arrow), the gaining of teeth has to come with the potential loss of Cavemen.

Lastly, it was one less rule on the page. Cavemen didn’t feel ready to call done until I had removed as many rules from it as I could.

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