Dan Cassar
Game Designer

The best game is the one that you think about when you should be thinking about something else. The one that you can't let go, because it has become more than a pastime. It's a fascination. It's a reality that you conjure into being by sitting at a table with your friends. Once you step into that magic circle, the turn of a card can decide the fate of someone you love. It can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. It can be death, rebirth, anything at all. For the player, it's an entire world to explore.

The designer gets to play a different game. They get to create those players' reality. In a way, they get to play God.

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Upcoming Games

Court of Daggers is a hand management card game of medieval political intrigue for 2-4 players that plays in about 30 minutes. It is named for a secret cabal of master manipulators who vie amongst themselves to become the true power behind the throne. Your goal as a member of this grand conspiracy is to position yourself with the most influence to rule from the shadows. Do this by forging alliances, performing well-timed assassinations and maneuvering the members of the great Houses against one another such that when the plot is revealed, your agents are in position to seize control.

Starving Artists is a game of abstract thinking and shrewd resource management for 4-6 players that takes about 10 minutes per player. Manage a supply of unique magnetic pieces, using them to represent abstract titles and trading them in for new title cards if the ones you have aren't working. One player is the art critic, who must try to match each artwork with its title, avoiding decoys. Doing this successfully earns both the artist and the critic points. The player that communicated their vision and managed their resources best will be declared the winner!

Published Work

Golden Geek Nominee: Best Card Game 2016
Golden Geek Nominee: Best Card Game 2016


Z-Man Games (2015)
Renegade Game Studios (2018)

Watch your garden of colorful flowering trees grow organically in all directions in this strategic experience for 2-4 players.

Golden Geek Nominee: Best Card Game 2016

The Blood of an Englishman

Renegade Game Studios (2016)

“Fee! Fie! Fo! Fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman!” the Giant booms and Jack scurries in this exciting, asymmetric, strategy card game for 2 players.

Cavemen: The Quest
for Fire

Rio Grande Games (2012)

2-5 players draft cards to hunt dinosaurs, invent new technologies, and expand their tribe while avoiding starvation and being eaten! Be the first to invent fire and usher in a new age of humanity!